Friday, April 27, 2007

I've been up to no good lately. Here are a few pi...

I've been up to no good lately. Here are a few pictures:

And, what does every sewing machine need? Yes, fabric. There is a fabric store here that is going out of business (Saturday is their last day). I am banned from entering their doors anymore. Here is why...

Yeah, lots of fabric, lots of patterns, lots of thread and rick rack. I've had fun! Oh and unless you think I haven't been knitting....

This isn't the best picture, but it will be a Yoga Mat Bag from Stitch n Bitch. I am way excited about this one. I'm making it with Patons Grace, mercerized cotton. It's nice :)

Ah, my summertime socks. I am doing the heel flap on my second sock, so hopefully I'll get to wear them someday soon!

And the lovely Anouk. I have the first half done (the back half of the pinafore) and have started on the second half. I have a little under 2 months to get this done, I can do it!

Now...brace yourselves, I have been sewing. I learned how to do shirring and had a ball with it! This is what I finished today for Miss A. Doesn't she look just stunning??

Looks pretty cute doesn't it? I can't wait to do more for her! I have lots more pictures to blog, but not tonight.

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