Saturday, March 10, 2007

We've gotten some good news today!!! So, I have b...

We've gotten some good news today!!! So, I have been contemplating the fact that I may have to drive 1500 miles by myself with my 2, I mean children. Well, Jeremy spoke with the relocation department today and HOORAY!! They will fly all of us out, ship our cars, and give us rentals until our cars get there!!! HOORAY! Oh, and they should be able to get us moved by the end of the month. Yipee!

Now, here's my dilemma...what to do with my yarn? I don't trust my yarn going on the truck, having the movers pack it (like they know what to do with wooly goodness!), so I am thinking of a.) getting a suitcase just for my yarn, or b.) putting it all in the van (in ziplock bags of course) and let it be shipped with the van.
What have other knitter's done when they've moved? I am nervous about moving my stash! Any good ideas??

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