Friday, February 2, 2007

It's Blogger (Silent) Poetry Reading day! I heard...

It's Blogger (Silent) Poetry Reading day! I heard about it from Cara and she heard about it from this blog. So, here is an original Kim.


I lay her down, she laughs, she cries
she knows what is coming
I lie down and offer my breast
she grabs it and smiles.
Here comes the milk,
drink up my baby!
I look at her face
so sweet, so innocent.
Rosy cheeks, tousled hair,
little bit of me,
and a lot of Jer.
She is my world,
she is my joy,
I can't believe I wanted a boy!
I love her dearly
and pray
she will be happy, hopeful and
know she is loved, everyday.
Goodnight my Angel
Sleep tight my love
I'll be here all night
So if you wake up, and get scared
or hungry,
roll over, I'll be here for you
Goodnight my Angel
Mommy loves you.

Written August 3, 2003, 20 days before Emma died.

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