Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I just want my Dad!

My sweet boy is sick. He has a bad cough and a fever. I hate when he is sick. Last night at about 11:30, he woke up coughing. I was still awake, so I went in to take care of him. I got him some water and laid down with him. Well, he just got very upset with me. Here is the conversation we had;
S: No!
M: What's wrong baby? Mommy's here, it's ok.
S: I want my Dad. I don't want you. I just want my Dad!
M: Oh, ok sweetie. Just a minute, I"ll go get him for you.

So, with broken heart, I went and got my husband. My heart wasn't broken for too long since Jer had to be the one awake with him all night and not me. I guess this is what happens when Daddy takes over nighttime parenting. This is what we did when he night weaned, I am SO glad! It really is sweet that he loves his Daddy so much. Sometimes I wish that I could comfort him still. Oh well...hopefully he will get better fast. I hate sickness.

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