Sunday, September 3, 2006

Sugar, the Bain of my Existence

Ah, vacation. My in-laws vacation that is. We had such a fantastic time with them. We shopped, played, ate (lots of good food), visited with family and just had a great time! Seth misses them terribly now. Today in church he said, "Where's Grandma??". It was pretty sweet. He loved having them here to play with him. When his Aunt Nanny (Stephanie) asked what he did with Grandma and Grandpa he replied, "Played with Legos!" Funny boy. Now I'm tired and have been taking lots of naps to recoup. ;)

So, as you read earlier, we ate lots of good food. Too much good food. I am afraid to even look at the scale for fear of what it will say. So, I am taking on a big challenge. No Sugar. This scares me. You all know me. You all know how much I love sugar. In fact, I think I am addicted. I told Jeremy that he is going to have to help me. I will be going through some major withdrawls for a while, I know it. I'm only doing it for a month. I can do anything for a month. But, I need to do a detox. I have eaten so much ice cream, brownies, candies, cookies and all sorts of good sweet things recently that I know it is making me just exhausted. So, for the health of myself and my nursling, I am going sans sugar for a month. Check in with me. Keep me accountable. If I know that there are people who are watching me, I'll do better :)

Jeremy has an interview on Tuesday morning. Seth, Amelia and I will be kicked out of the house at 8:00. What to do?? Probably go to the park or the library. Back to the job though. I really want Jeremy to get this job. I want him to get any job, but this one in particular. Why? Because it is SO affordable to live there! I have this fear that because I want to live there so badly it isn't going to happen.

We've decided that if the Lord would just tell us where we need to be it would make things SO much easier! We will go anywhere, we just don't know where! We'll even *choke* stay here if we need to. We just want to know where we are going and what is going on with our lives.

So, Tuesday will be Seth's first day of "school". We are going to go to the Library for Toddler Time, then come home and have lunch. After his nap, we'll do a worksheet and start learning about phonics. I think we'll also talk about frogs this week. Or maybe dinosaurs. That is what he is really into right now. We'll have to get some dinosaur books at the library on Tuesday :) It will be fun. I think he will really like it.

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