Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Interview and Sore Legs

Ok, so we have lots going on right now in our home. First, Jeremy has 2 interviews next week!!! One is on Monday for a job in Pennsylvania (I can't remember where Shannon, but Jer told me it is north of you) and the other is in Warsaw, IN on Wednesday!

Now for the sore legs...Seth has had a very strange week. On Sunday morning he couldn't walk when he woke up. He also had a slight fever, so we took him to the Urgent Care center. They decided it was a virus that was causing joint pain for him. Well, we've had him on motrin since and he's been doing better, but still limping.
Today, he's been complaining of both knees and legs hurting. So, I took him back to the doc. It seems to be worse when he first wakes up or after he's been sitting for a while. They ordered x-rays and a blood draw. Seth was SO brave getting 4 vials of blood drawn! I was so impressed with him. He did cry, but he really did good.

Because of our dumb medicaid insurance, we had to go to one hospital for the blood draw and a different one for the x-rays! Made for a long mornng. The x-rays didn't show any breaks, so we were sent home.

This guessing game is hard. I just want my boy to be healthy and strong again :(

Amelia is crying, so I will update you all later. Pray for good interviews and for answers to Seths legs.

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