Thursday, August 3, 2006

The House at Pooh Corner

That is our home. I am Kanga, Jer is Tigger, Seth is Roo and Amelia is Piglet (Pliget). That is how this blog got it's name. So, welcome to our spot in the 100 acre wood. :)

I will be posting about the comings and goings of our family, what we are up to and my general musings about life.

So...what's going on with us now -- I'll start with the youngest and go up.

June 23, Amelia Mae joined our family. She was born at 12:06 am after a relatively short labor. I'll blog her birth story next, promise! :) She is now almost 6 weeks and the time has flown. She really is a happy baby, minus the crying when she has to poop. She really hates those bodily functions. She loves it when Daddy bounces with her on my big exercise ball though. It is kind of funny. She's taken her share of beatings by her older brother. He has only hit her on purpose once, all the other times, he has accidentally hurt her. Today, it was stepping on her head. Poor little girl :( She is getting really big and is just so so sweet.

Seth...well, he is a different kind of animal for sure. He is SO active and SO wild!!! We are going to start doing school with him now. I think that he gets bored and needs some challenge. So, I am getting some help from one of my good friends and am going to figure out how to help him to reach his full potential. Seth loves to take things apart, figure out how things work and gets so concentrated when he is working on something. It just blows my mind. He knows his ABC's and numbers and loves to sing all the time.
We attempted to potty train him for a couple days, that didn't work so well though. He would go on the potty when we took him, but rarely would go on his own. After lots of pooping in his underwear and peeing on the floor, the last straw came on Friday morning. He had pooped in his underwear, so I let him go naked. He was really good about telling me if he had to go as long as he was naked. So, Jeremy's at the table eating breakfast and Seth is standing on one of the chairs. He then peed on the table, right by his Daddy's breakfast. That was it. He's in diapers again. I really don't recommend trying to potty train when you have a newborn either. Not so easy when you have a baby on the boob all the time! :)

Jeremy is still working on getting a job. He graduated in May with his Master's in Bioengineering. So, since then, he's been looking for a job. He really wants to work in Orthopaedics with specialty in joint and spine...however, all of the companies he wants to work for want 2-3 years experience. So...he is going to start looking for jobs in the Medical Device industry right now. He gets pretty discouraged, and with good reason, but he keeps on going and keeps on working at finding something., I'm kind of having a hard time. This time of year is always so hard for me, for all of us. Emma would be 3 years old now. I look at Amelia and I see so much of Emma. I call her Emma sometimes too. Sometimes I can't believe that was really my life. I look back and realize that was a different person, a different time. I miss that life. I miss the innocence of it all, the naieve way I thought that my children would live forever, that I would watch Emma grow and learn and be my sweet girl here on this earth forever. Ah, how life changes so quickly.

There have been 3 young children die in our community recently - one girl, 2 boys. The little 5 year old girl was kidnapped and murdered, and 2 boys' car was washed away in a flash flood -- the 1 year old's (as far as I know) body was never found and the 5 year old died days later. It breaks my heart and brings things back to life for me. Not that I ever forget's just that the pain gets less intense, then something like this happens. It's like ripping a bandaid off, it hurts.

My heart just breaks for these families. I know how much I have suffered, and I didn't have the media watching me. However, there were times when I couldn't understand how the world could keep going. How is it that my daughter could die and it wasn't news? That not everyone in the world was hurting and grieving with me? But, I didn't have people passing judgement on me and how my daughter died and that happens a lot.

Anyway, that was a lot of my sad talk...there will be more this month for sure, so if you want to ignore my posts this month, I don't blame you.

So...that is what is happening at the house at pooh corner. Stay tuned for more :)

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