Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My First Christmas

Dear Meemaw and Grampa,

Mama is so busy right now, so I thought I would help her out by writing you about Christmas.

As you know, this was my first Christmas.  At first I didn't understand what the big deal was. Mama was in the kitchen a lot more and she was busy putting things in her mouth.  The big kids were too and I kept wanting some, but no one would give me anything but puffs. Even though I like those, the brown things looked yummier.

One day Mama and the kids put a lot of things on plates and then we had to drive all over the place (I didn't like that part).  They said something about taking goodies to our neighbors and friends.  Whatever goodies are.

You know my Dad? That hairy guy? Well, he was around a lot more than normal.  Mama seemed really happy about that, but I wasn't. It just means that he holds me more and he isn't soft like Mama and doesn't give me milk, and he is hairy.

On Christmas Eve I was pretty cranky. My mouth hurts so bad and my ears too. So Mama and Daddy keep giving me this stuff in a squirter thing. It tastes okay, but I like to chew on the squirter thing more.

Anyway, on Christmas Eve, I woke up and Mama was gone. I was NOT happy about that. She came back home all sweaty and said something about running, and feeling good, and whatever. I just wanted some boob, so I cried until she gave it to me.  Then we went to a party where everyone ate a lot of food that I couldn't have. I played with my friend Landon, then decided there was too much going on, so I cried until Mama gave me milkers. Then I fell asleep and it was great.

The rest of the day was fun. We opened presents (I loved the wrapping paper), and played games. Our favorite present was the big swing set from Mama and Daddy and you guys. Mom says it will be great after Daddy puts it together and I can swing with my sisters and brother.

On Christmas Eve night we did the Nativity. Mama told us that she did this every year when she was little and that she was always Mary. Amelia and Libby got into a big fight about who was going to be Mary. Amelia ended up being the Angel and Libby was Mary -- only because Mom and Dad promised we could do it again the next night and Amelia could be Mary then.  But, when it was time to do it on Christmas night, guess who threw a fit? Yep, Libby.  Girls. I don't understand them. I know when I am big enough to be someone Seth and I won't fight over who gets to be Joseph. If I knew how to roll my eyes, I would do it right now.

Christmas morning came and while I was sleeping everyone else opened presents. I got two cool wooden toys and a couple books.  But, my favorite toy was a toothbrush. I love to chew on it. After Church, Mama and I had a good nap while Daddy and Seth played Wii and the girls played with their new ponies and art supplies.
We had a really good Christmas. I liked seeing you on the computer that day. It always makes me laugh.

Mama says she misses you but knows you are doing the Lord's work, so it is okay.  I can't wait to get to see you again.

Love you lots,


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