Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prairie Mama Confessions

You all have left me such wonderful, sweet, loving comments that I thought I would share some confessions with you to see if you will still love me after knowing this :)

1. I love Barry Manilow.  And Metallica.  And pretty much everything in between.

2. Sometimes I neglect my children so I can read blogs.  Ok, not really neglect them, but let them watch an hour of PBS in the mornings so I can catch up with everyone else.

3. I am not at all organized, but I really wish I were.  I don't know where to start and it all seems so overwhelming, so I continue to live in the unorganized chaos that is my life.

4. I am not pregnant but I wish I were.  It is the first time since I got pregnant with Emma that we actually are trying and it didn't happen the first try.  It is weird, but okay.

5. I can't wait to go to New York next week, but am having major anxiety about leaving my children.  Major what if there is a fire or a car crash, what if I die while I am gone and I told them I'd be back in 6 sleeps and I don't come back?  Those kinds of anxieties.

6. I have dreams about smoking cigarettes.  I have never smoked in my life, but I know the taste.

7. I hate making breakfast for my children. Why do they have to eat all the time? ;)

8. I cringe when I watch my kids swim. My siblings and I were such great swimmers and it kills me to see my kids not being those great swimmers.  I guess that 2 weeks a summer in lessons isn't enough. Ugh.

9. I use disposable diapers at night.

10. When I was first a Mom I thought anyone who used formula was uneducated and giving their babies poison.  I also didn't think that women who said their milk didn't come in were lying. I know different now and feel bad for the person I was.

11. My favorite sound in the world is my children laughing.

12. I love when Libby grabs my arm and says, "Mom! Ballerinie More" and then I stop what I am doing and watch her spin.  She laughs and so do I.

13. I am dreading Winter.

14. I am spending all my spare time knitting something for me right now. It is for New York and I am afraid I won't get it finished.

15. I wish my Etsy shop were more successful, but I don't know how to make it be.

16. I love my husband so much sometimes that it hurts.

17. I want to send Amelia to Preschool next year, but can't stand the thought of that sweet girl being anywhere other than with me.

18. I don't think anyone can teach my children as well as I can.  I wish I could homeschool, but my lack of organization and structure greatly inhibits that.  Plus, they need to get away from me :)

19. I need to have an even number when I do lists.

20. We just started watching Mad Men and I am in love with Don Draper. Seriously, Jeremy doesn't understand it, but I am.  We finished season 2 last night, so no spoilers!!!!

Ok, so there you go.  Some random confessions.  Anything shocking?  Anything make you want to run away and never come back?  What are some of your confessions today? :)

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