Monday, December 21, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time...

I feel so much better today.  Yesterday started out with the potential to be another icky one, but then I changed my attitude and we had a great one.

I have been working so hard on gifts for my loved ones and hopefully (fingers crossed) I will get everything done before Thursday!  I have made robes for Seth and Amelia and am going to make matching slippers for them.  I still need to make Libby's robe and slippers.  They are going to be SO cute and I am so excited to be making their gifts this year.

I am also working like a mad woman to get Jeremy's sweater done.  I bought the yarn last January with the delusion hope I would get it done by his birthday on February 24.  I had the back done by his birthday, that's something right?  So, throughout the year this sweater has come everywhere with me and I am almost done with it!  I finished the collar yesterday while nursing the baby and it is now blocking and ready for a zipper.  I REALLY hope to get it done and wrapped for him.

We have also been busy being Santa (in a box with a lion and a zebra as the reindeer)

playing in the snow,

 making gingerbread houses


 and just lounging around the tree.

So, despite all the headache that can (and does) come with the Holidays, I am taking a few moments to remind myself that it really is a magical time of year.

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