Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm Gettin' Nuttin' For Christmas

And really, it's ok.  I don't care that I am not getting any gifts from my darling because I just got this

Isn't that beautiful???  It's a Babylock Eclipse Serger.  I am so excited.  Jeremy and I had big plans for his bonus this year and an inheritance I got from my Grandmother's estate.  However, with the economy being what it is, no one from his work is getting a bonus this year.  Had I known that before I bought my  new little friend I wouldn't have gotten it.  But, I did and it is done.

So, Jeremy and I decided no gifts for us and to make as much for the kids as we can.  Our whole family is getting a Wii from Santa (yes, we believe in Santa and I have no problem with that) but everything else (save a couple of books) will be hand made.  I am making the kids robes (or dressing gowns as Amelia calls them), this doll for Seth (dressed as a Jedi no less), some legos and playmobile sets from one of Jeremy's co-workers and a baby for Libby.  Pretty simple, I am excited.

However, as the children have been talking about what they want, they asked me today what I wanted.  I told them I wasn't getting anything this year.  Seth wondered if it was because I'd been bad (stinker), but I assured him I was not.  I told them that we didn't have a lot of money for Christmas this year so Mama and Daddy weren't getting any gifts.

My darling Amelia responded with this,

"Oh, Mama, that is sad.  Maybe if I tell Daddy really nicely he'll go to the store and get you a Christmas book that you can read to us". 

It started off so sweet and then I realized she just thought she was missing out on one more gift.  Gotta love the logic of 3 year olds.

I really have no problem not getting anything this year.  All I really wanted were some slippers, wool socks and a date with my husband.  My birthday is in February and I bet I'll get all three then!

Oh, and in case you think I am completely heartless...Jeremy is getting something, but it won't cost me a cent.  Since he reads this lovely blog (hi honey!), I won't tell you what it is, you and he will find out on Christmas!

What about you?  Has the economy changed your Christmas plans this year?  Are you making more, buying more handmade, supporting small businesses more?  What are you doing this year?

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