Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I really love my husband. A lot. Really, I promise. It's just that sometimes...well, sometimes he drives me a little batty.

There is an awesome playgound being built here in Logan. I am really excited about it. It is being built entirely by volunteers, so Jer went to help last night. That was no problem, I was ready for that. I had a meeting with some ladies from my church at 5:30, so we just moved it to my house. I had dinner simmering on the stove, the children playing peacefully and was ready for the meeting. That was when they all decided at the same time that being away from Mom just was not acceptable.

After cajoling, bribing, and threatening didn't work with the older two, I locked them in the basement. Don't look at me like that, it's where all their toys are, they love playing downstairs and it was just going to be for 30 minutes.

Anyway, so I am holding Libby on my way back from locking the basement door and she did it. She threw up everywhere. Oh yes, it was lovely. I thought it was a one time thing, so I cleaned her up and went back to my meeting. She then crawled away and was playing. When she came back to me and crawled on my lap I smelled it. She had done it again, now I got to try to figure out where it was.

I cleaned up another vomitous mess, finished my meeting, got the kids fed (got thrown up on 2 more times), gave baths and then Jeremy called to tell me he was coming home. THANK YOU!

So, Jer came home and got the older two to bed while I took care of the baby. All sounds good so far right? He is super helpful, I am not disputing this fact at all. He really does SO much around here and I am very lucky I know.

It's just...well, you'll see.

So, fast forward to 1:30 am. I am awaken by my darling baby throwing up all over herself, me and my bed. Jeremy got up and while I cleaned up myself and the babe, he changed the sheets on the bed.

We all settled into our freshly sheeted bed when he turns to me and says, "Those peaches won't make it until Saturday, they need to be canned".

Did you see it? Did you see my brain start working in overtime trying to figure out how I will get 3 bushels of peaches and a boat load of tomatoes processed the next day while dealing with a sick baby, a 3 year old who thinks she is Annie and a 5 year old who I will have to take and pick up from school? Did you see it?

Yes. I love him, but really???? That was not the time to tell me. Now, in his defense he says he'll help me do the peaches tonight after the kids are in bed. He has never done peaches so he doesn't realize just how long it takes. So, after I am done writing this post, I am strapping the baby to my back, praying she is done throwing up and am going to start doing peaches. Where is my Mom when I need her??


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, such a man thing! :) They really are a different breed, and while we love them - they just don't get it sometimes! Hang in there mama, good luck w/ the peaches!

Mendie said...

Men often don't think about what they say, just open up their mouth and out it comes. SO glad we aren't like that (not as much anyways) At least he offered to help with canning! Hope its smooth!

Susan Berlien said...

I can see what you're saying, but you gotta put in perspective. While that was not the best time to bring it up, he proably just thought of the peaches right then. He sounds like a good guy. I know, you know.

Unknown said...

Been there! I wish I could help you!!

Becky said...

I've been there. One time and looked at my dear sweet husband, trying ever so hard to keep a nice polite expression on my face - even though I felt like beating him with a two-by-four - and asked, "Can you please stop and think about how I might construe what you just said?" It took him a minute, but the light bulb came on and he said, "Hmm. That was pretty insensitive." It was a good moment for me. :)

Good luck with the craziness!

nicole said...

Sometimes you just have to laugh. I think.

Mama bee said...

Oh dear! If transmission of pukeyness wasn't a concern I'd be over there helping you with those peaches in a heartbeat. You know that, right? *hugs* I hope Libby feels better soon, hope no one else gets sick, and good luck with the peaches!

Kelly said...

We just had the pukies at our house. Nothing like washing it out of your own hair. I'd be tempted to freeze the peaches instead of canning them. Way less time if you have the space. Good luck, my friend.

Heather of the EO said...

I don't even know HOW to can peaches.

But I do know it was bad timing to bring it up!!!

Good luck, lady :)

Marly said...

yea, its the telling you at 1:30 and now your brain is going to work all night and you won't get any sleep. I hope you got the peaches done. I really need to find some peaches. I know its getting late but we love eating our fresh peaches all winter long!