Sunday, December 11, 2011

He's Getting Nothing for Christmas

What do you mean I don't get anything for Christmas????
It's not what you think. I love my baby, I really do.  Sure he doesn't like to sleep unless the boob is in his mouth, but what baby isn't like that?  Also he loves to scream at me, pull my hair and now bite me with his newly acquired tooth.
None of this means I love him any less or that he doesn't deserve presents in his stocking.  Oh wait, he doesn't have a stocking (yet).
When you're the youngest of 5, what toy could you possibly need? Seriously folks. We have had (or still have) just about every toy out there. He loves his Indestructibles Books, so he is getting 2 more of those, but that is it.
I am spending our Christmas money on the children who will appreciate (fingers crossed) the gifts they get and will remember this Christmas.
So, maybe I am a bit of a Scrooge, but my baby isn't getting any gifts this year.  And, I feel okay about that.
Do you buy gifts for your little babes? What are your favorite gifts for babies?

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