Saturday, October 1, 2011

Elusive Autumn

I have always loved Fall.  The way it quietly slips in after the long, blazing days of Summer.  It is like that cool guy in school that never talks much, but the girls all love him (ahem, Tim Riggins).

Fall with it's rich colors, earthy scent and cooler days, you take my breath away.

I love your cool mornings, your warm afternoons and cool nights. I love collecting the last harvest from the garden, raking leaves into piles for my children to jump in, and noses red from the crisp autumn air.

Fall, I miss you.  You were gone too fast from Utah last year, and from what I gather, you don't visit Texas at all.  There will be no leaves changing colors, no crisp days, no cool least not until January.

I miss going outside and smelling the smoke from fireplaces, having chilly noses and needing a jacket.  I miss drinking hot cocoa or cider, needing to bundle up under costumes, and digging out my jeans and sweaters.

Since I miss these things so much, I am making it Fall in my house.  I have pumpkins, scented candles, and Autumn decorations to go up.  Just because it is 100 degrees outside doesn't mean I can't pretend that it's 60.

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Cheri said...

I totally agree Kim. I was just trying to explain autumn to some Filipino sisters yesterday and they have NO comprehension because nothing ever changes here. I will miss the seasons for sure...maybe not the dead of winter but fall for sure-since I was a little girl growing up in Nebraska, I have ALWAYS been a 'fall person' favorite season!!

Anastasia said...

It does come here eventually I promise! If you go a little further north like Lampasas, San Saba in Nov. you can see some beautiful changing leaves. If this drought hasn't turned them all to kindling this year.

Carly said...

love the reference to tim riggins there :) i hope fall finds its way to you. it's really beautiful here!