Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Birthday Girl

Today Emma turns 8.  In our religion, this is a pretty big deal.  You see, when a child turns 8, they can be baptized.  We don't baptize as babies because we don't believe that babies can sin.  They are perfect and can't really be held accountable for their mistakes until they are 8.  Plus, at that point, they can understand a bit better what they are getting into.

This year I have watched many of my friends who I was pregnant with, have their kiddos turn 8.  I have seen the pictures on their blogs of these special days.  I have seen the pretty white dresses, the pictures of the kids with their Moms and Dads, and read the posts about what they did on that day.

Emma in her 1st white dress, on her blessing day.

With each one, I ached for my little girl.  My little girl who was so perfect, she didn't need to be tested and tried by this life.  My little girl who was so perfect, she didn't need baptism.  My little girl, who 8 years ago today, was born.

I wonder what she would be like now.  How long would her hair be?  Would she be taking dance classes like her sister?  Would she be like me and just now be losing her teeth, or would she have done it earlier?  Would she be loving 2nd grade?  Who would her best friend be?  What music would she like?  What would she look like?  What would her voice sound like?  What would her laugh sound like?

These are questions I have everyday, but especially today, on her birthday.

But today, we will celebrate her birth.  We will buy her gifts and donate them to Toys for Tots, the kids will pick a lunch store and we will go to a local fun park to play arcade games and just have fun.  We will celebrate with family, eat cake and remember our sweet girl. This year, we are going to remember her with laughter (and I am sure a few tears), but we are going to celebrate her life, no matter how short.

Today is my sweet Emma's day.  I am so glad she was born.  I am overjoyed that I am her Mom.  She has brought me more joy than I ever dreamed possible.


Happy Birthday baby girl.  You made me a Mama and I will forever love you.

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