Monday, July 19, 2010

Summertime Woes

If you have kids, or are human, you know that injuries increase in the Summer.  It is not just my family, I know.  Bumps and bruises, sore muscles and big owies happen.

One thing that I always have on hand is a tube of Boiron’s Arnicare® Gel.  This non-sticky, non-greasy Arnicare Gel is easy to apply and absorbed quickly by the skin. The gel is odorless, and has no artificial colors, perfumes or parabens.  Perfect for my sensitive skinned little ones.

I use the gel on bruises, bumps, and sore muscles.  Just recently Libby fell off the bathroom counter.  Yeah, I know, MOM FAIL!  BUT, I did grab the Arnicare and put it on all the spots that she said hurt and within minutes she was back to normal and had no bruising.

When I am pregnant I use Arnicare on my sore muscles and feel the tension and pain just melt away.  Another favorite use is for growing pains.  When my kiddos complain of their joints hurting from growing, a little Arnicare will help them relax and get to sleep.

My husband, who is very skeptical of all things homeopathic, would even be impressed to know that Surgeons and other medical professionals use it to relieve post-procedure bruising, swelling and pain in patients.

It really is a wonder and I love it.

The great folks at Boiron USA sent me 2 tubes of Arnicare, one for me, and one for one of you!  Pretty awesome right?

All you need to do to enter is leave me your best remedy for the Summertime aches and pains.

If you want an additional entry or two, you can tweet about it or post about it in Facebook with something like this:
I just entered to win a tube of Arnicare from @BoironUSA and @prairiemama!

Leave a comment for each entry!

I did receive a tube of Arnicare from BoironUSA for writing this post. However, the words are all mine! :)

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