Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This week I am taking the girls from my Church to camp for 4 days. 
It will be fun. 
I am serious. 
Stop laughing! 
Who wouldn't want to take a couple car loads of teenage girls camping?  And tell them they can't bring their iPods, cell phones (not that we would have reception anyway) or any other electronic device?

Seriously, I love this time of year.  I love camping anyway, and taking these girls out of their usual element and letting them just be, is such an amazing opportunity.  Watching the older girls and the younger girls hang out together, mentor and be mentored, is something I never want to miss.  Having the opportunity to get to know the girls without all the distractions of home is also one of my favorite parts.

Of course Libby has a fever, Jeremy had to go to Georgia last minute, and one of my sitters won't be able to take my kids tomorrow (see the part about Libby).  But, the other ladies who are going with me are going to help out so I can go back and forth and be there as much as I can.

And I can't wait.

***Watch this week for some FABULOUS guest posts by some of my favorite bloggers!***

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