Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Little Halloween Crafting

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Ok, so now that you have watched this ADORABLE little story I wrote about my babes, I will tell you about their SUPER CUTE costumes. 

Yes, they are all home made.  No, not all by me.  I made the Ladybug costume, it was so fun and easy.  A little time consuming, what with the sewing on of all the dots, but SO worth it and will be SO warm (a necessity since it will be SNOWING by Halloween here).  I might make myself a flower costume...we'll see how my days play out this week.

The Princess dress was made by my Mama.  I was going to, had every intention of doing so, and then I had sling orders that had to be finished and my Mom was here with her sewing machine and she gladly did it for me.  We are calling it her Christmas Fairy dress.  You see, originally she wanted to be Tinkerbell.  So, I bought green satin. Then, she found some sparkly red shoes (yes, Ruby Slippers if you will) and she HAD to have them.  So, I bought some red tulle, used some red and gold rick-rack from my Great-Grandmother's stash that inherited, and there you have it folks.  The cutest Princess ever.

The boy..well, you know my boy right?  The one obsessed with all things Star Wars?  So, is it a shock that he will yet again be Obi Wan Kenobi?  I actually thought he was going to be something different this year.  Was going to mix it up a bit.  But, when my Mom, his Meemaw, presented him with a light up Light Saber...well, it was over.  So, we have Obi Wan again.  No worries though, it is just less work for me!

So, those are our adorable costumes for this year.  What are your kids going to be?  Do you have a family theme that you try to stick with?  Do you make your costumes or are you thrilled to buy them?

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