Monday, January 5, 2009


Today's post will be filled with random tidbits here and there. Jeremy was home for 11 days, so I got some crafting done!!!

First up -- SLINGS! Before Thanksgiving I had two really cute girls come to my house and order 2 slings each. Neither of them have babies yet, so they were in no hurry to get them. They are really smart though to buy them now. We all know that once the babies come the money goes everywhere else! So (drumroll please) here are their slings. I LOVE how they turned out.

These will all be available through my Etsy shop also. So, if you love them, or know someone who will -- go get one :)

My second bit of crafting had to be kept top secret for a while. But, the contest is over and I didn't win (sad). But the good news is that it really worked my creative muscles and was SO fun! So, without further adieu, here is my entry for the Fabric Bliss Make it Work Challenge! 10 lucky crafters were given a package of fabric and notions. The rules were that you had to use all the notions and some of each of the fabrics to make an apparel item. I made a robe for Amelia. The only fabric that I used that was my own was for the sleeves.

Cute huh? I don't know who won yet, but she said she'd email the winner last week and I was never emailed. Oh well, it was fun to play anyway!


Now for a little bit of randomness.

Did you know that in Logan, if you have mail to go out but don't have any mail coming in, they will not stop at your house to pick up your outgoing mail? You have to be a mind reader I guess. Very irritating. Today, I had to run outside as I watched the mailman walk by and shout at him to come back! It is snowing and pretty gross out there. So, here I am, running outside in my socks with my mail that needs to go out today. Seriously people? Is it that hard to just pick up my mail even if you don't have anything to give me? guess so.

And just to end the post on a happy note. Here are two of my favorite pictures from Christmas.
Who is more excited for Amelia to get her new Cabbage Patch Doll?

Me and my sister and 2 of my brothers.

When I was young, my Mom would get a Christmas Mouse from Baskin Robbin's every year. It was a mouse made of layers of ice cream. We would dig into it on Christmas Eve and just loved it. Well, this year, my Mom decided to recreate the mouse. We took it to my sister's house on Christmas day and Mom brought it out for dessert. Everyone was so surprised and excited. Look at us, all growed up. Wish Todd could have been there. Even though he'd probably have shoved my face in it or something, just for old times sake. heehee!


Mama bee said...

Super cute slings! Weird about the mailman, though - ours always picks up our outgoing mail, but it may be because I clip it to the outside of our mailbox. I dunno.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

That robe is adorable!! And your slings are so pretty!


AbeSaves said...

We have the same mail problem in Midvale. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who gets irritated by that! I am in awe of your sewing creations. Both the robe and the slings are adorable. Keep it up girl!

kate said...

I DO know that they mail people don't stop if they don't have anything to deliver because that happened to me last Saturday :( I didn't see them walking by though and ended up calling a neighbor and asking if there was no mail today. humph...

sara said...

LOVE the slings! They turned out so super cute.