Friday, December 19, 2008

What He Really Wants for Christmas

"Mom, I'm the only person in this house that doesn't have a brother. I just really want a brother."

Sorry bub. Not happening anytime soon.


Mama bee said...

That is awesome! He told me last night that he'd really like one of those sit-on bouncy balls, and that he would have to ask you or J to call or email Santa so he could add it to his list.

You've got some darn cute (and smart) kids. Good to see you!

Tina said...

Well. Have you heard of Compassion? You could search for someone to support there, even with maybe Seth's birthday! We did this for a few years, wrote letters, received things back, pictures was able to send a few smaller gifts etc. Our little girl lived in Honduras at the time. Her name is Elsa. Sadly we had to give her up when we hit some very rough financial times, but I still think about her.

Michelle said...

Ah, c'mon. No brother RIGHT NOW for Seth? Why not Kim? The boy knows what HE wants. He just needs to convince you that you feel the same way.

I'm just teasing you. I think it's cute. I wanted a sister when I was his age, but when I was older I liked being the only girl.