Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday Inspriation::Mother Letters

Ok, I know, it's been a long time since I did Tuesday Inspiration. But, I found something that truly inspired me and I have to share it with you!

Mother Letters. This is a blog started by a husband searching for the perfect Christmas gift for his beloved. They decided not to spend a ton of money on each other this year, instead sending it to a village in Africa. And not only are they doing it, but their extended family is also getting in on it. So amazing.

So, this great husband decides to have some of his wife's friends write her letters. You see, she is the Mother to small children. We all know how taxing that can be. Whether or not you have children, we've all seen the Mother's in the grocery store with the twitching eye and the screaming children in her cart. Don't kid yourself, it happens to all of us. (if not you, let me know, I'd love to know your secret!) Anyway, so he wanted other Mother's to commiserate with his sweet wife.

He realized that he didn't know a lot of Mother's in real life -- so he took to the blog world. You know there are lots of us out here! So now, he is making a book (I bet some smart publisher jumps on this one and makes a real live book out of it) for his wife.

Go contribute. Write a letter to this Mom, or to yourself and give it to her. When he is done (and she has gotten the book), he will post it for all of us to read.

Do it, and be inspired.

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keeper of the chocolates said...

dear sweet Kim, HI :) it's shelbi ...i just read your comment that you left for me..regarding my blog giveaway. i was so moved by your loss...i cannot imagine it. without going into too many details here, I can somewhat relate to your 'mama' heartache, on a different level. sweet girl, please email me, and leave me your address. i want to gift you the emma earrings. they were named after my own emma, who is 2 :) can you do that for me? i would love to send them to you :)

and every time you wear them, wear them in remembrance...it would bless me beyond words.

hugs to you new friend,

shopmarigold (at) yahoo dot com