Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gratitude Sunday

I have so much to be grateful for today and everyday. Here are the top 5 in my heart right now.

1. My husband has a job that he loves. The company takes care of their employees, so he can stay home all next week. We have the money we need to have a house, food and clothing. My children never go to bed hungry or cold. I am blessed.

2. My folks were here for Christmas. We got to play with them, then with the rest of my family on Christmas day and for 2 days after that!

3. Good friends. Got together with my best friend from high school and her family on Saturday for a little bit. It was great fun.

4. Kids that love to read. I love that my kids would rather read books than anything in the world. Other than play with light sabers ;)

5. My Savior, Jesus Christ. I would be very remiss this Christmas season if I didn't acknowledge His birth and life. I am very grateful that I know Him and know what He did for me.

I am very, very blessed.

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