Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gratitude Sunday

Ah, it's here again. A time when I can reflect on my week and think of the many things I am grateful for. As always, I will pick 5 -- because really, I could go on and on and on, but no one has the time for that.

1. Going shopping with my Sister yesterday. We had such a fun time. We went to the Mother's Without Border's boutique in Layton yesterday. It was so much fun!!! The hard work that went into this amazing event was evident. Then we went to an AWESOME boutique shop in Bountiful (there is one at 9th & 9th in SLC also) called Hip and Humble. It was so great and I got a really awesome hat there!

2. My new hat! My sister and I convinced our Mom to buy it for us. No problem that she lives in Nebraska!!! Thanks again Mom!!!

3. My kids that think I am Sassy and HOT. Yep, that is what they said this morning. I was ready to go to church and I asked Jeremy how I looked. Amelia said, "Mom, you look Sassy and Dad looks too handsome!" Seth then corrected her and said, "No, Mom looks HOT! She's a hot Mama!" -- thanks Jer!

4. My wonderful, fabulous, sweet husband who let me have a nice 2 hour nap today. I got to sleep with 2 of my girls -- although I bet the one missing was there anyway.

5. The smell of dinner on the stove and knowing I don't have to cook it.

So there it is. Five of the MANY things I am grateful for today. How about you? I really do love reading your comments and what you are grateful for.


Becky said...

Cute hat!

I am grateful that the stomach bug that's going around didn't hit me quite as hard as it did two weeks ago.

And I'm really not being sarcastic - it hasn't been nearly so awful. I even made it to church today. Yay!

Mama bee said...

Totally a sassy, cute hat. Now I want one! :-)