Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Things I am LOVING

I have found so many things recently that I just love! And, well, I am going to be totally honest with you. I want things. I want a lot of things. Some of the things I want will make it so I can't get the other things I want. Like, chocolate does not get this baby weight off. But, nevertheless, I am going to share with you some of the things I really want right now!

I have been drooling over this dress from Shabby Apple for quite a while now. It is SO beautiful and since I don't own a little black dress (I know, the HORROR!), I think I should have one.

Now, this next item will definitely keep me from getting into that cute dress (because I'm not spending that amount of money for a dress that won't fit me after I lose this weight!). But, man alive, it looks SO fabulous and I am a sucker for fabulousness!

Godiva Dark Chocolate Toffee Popcorn. I mean, COME ON! (for Arrested Development fans, that was said like Gob).

Now, what black dress doesn't need some GREAT red shoes? I love me some Crocs, and when I found these, well I about flipped out! I have also been perusing Etsy and have found SO many great shops! Ok, first, I love vintage finds. I like to go garage saleing and to Antique shops to find the perfect something. My Mom actually brought me a few great vintage items from my Grandmother...I'll share those another day.
But, this Etsy shop is fantastic! Pony Party has such fun items. I love going through and getting ideas for what I want to do in my kitchen when we redo it in a couple of years.

I am also loving Diddle Dumpling. These are seriously such cute shoes for my little girl. I think Santa may be bring her some of these!

I also just bought myself a new apron. Who doesn't love a good apron? My friend, upon seeing it, said, "You can't wear that to cook in! It is way too nice!". But, I do, and I love it! I got it from Sassy Apron, and she is a doll to work with. It was custom made for me. I asked her to do it in a specific fabric and style and POOF! It was done! LOVE IT!

Now, lest you think I'm all about clothes and food (and food accessories), I assure you I am not. These next shops will prove that I am all about paper goods also!
MoonMum combines two things I love; paper and sewing. Her cards and creations are truely fabulous. Go check her out.
And then, there are the bags over at Apostrophy. I love them, especially the Owl ones. They remind me of my dear friend, Lori.
But, of all, here is my favorite. Sarah and Abraham. She does some amazing Silhouette work. I love the cards, the return address labels and most of all, the pictures she will do for your kids. Just amazing work.
If you haven't been to Etsy, go check it out. There are so many talented people out there.

So...that is just a smidgen of all the things I want and the things I am LOVING right now. What about you? What has your attention? What are you drooling over these days?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Thing I am loving... YOU! And the sweetest dress ever!! Oh my, thank you! And you know I will be asking for more when summer comes around! How sweet of you...


Lori said...

Apostrophy is darling. It too is one of my favorites. Guess you know me pretty well.