Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beautiful Fall

I have to keep telling myself that I love fall. I really do. I love the respite it brings from the heat of the summer. I love the colors, especially in the mountains. I love the smell of cold on my kids when they come in from playing. I love the clothes (hiding my body is really nice), all the handknits that we can finally wear. I love that I can make soups and lots of warm dishes and not die of heat in my kitchen. I really do love fall.

I don't love that winter is coming. I don't love that the tree across the street, that was SO beautiful and green all summer, is now bare. I don't love the runny noses. I don't love the cabin fever that comes with the cooler weather.

It's good to write it out because I can see that I love more than I don't, so that will keep me going. That and the snuggles from my sweets.

I wanted to comment also on my post yesterday. I have been touched at how many of you needed to read what I wrote. I sat down yesterday to write, and immediately I thought that I needed to write about grief. I didn't know why. I didn't know who needed it. I thought I was the one who needed it. I love how God leads us and answers prayers, spoken or not. So, lots of love to all of you who are struggling, who have lost someone you love.
Today, in my heart are 2 Moms whose babies earned wings way too soon -- Orion and Abram's Moms. I love you both.

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AbeSaves said...

It is amazing how God works through us. Thanks again for being in tune. Love you too. Jamie