Thursday, October 2, 2008

Anyone Want Crab?

Today, Jeremy came home and he and the kids went crab fishing.  Seth and Amelia (I'm using real names now...I was getting too confused!) had set up blankets on the floor to be the land, and everything else was the water.  So, of course, what do you do the second you walk in the door from work?  Roll up your pants and go fishing for crabs (with your crab poles of course) to have a crab fest!  I love that man, he rocks.

Seth has been very concerned lately about who he is going to marry.  Here is a conversation that we had the other day -
Seth: Mom, when I grow up, I want to marry you.
Me: (thinking, OH! I love this boy!) Baby, you can't marry me, I'm already married to Daddy.
Seth: Then, I'll marry Libby (L).
Me:  But sweetie, she's your sister, just like Amelia.  You can't marry your sister, remember?
Seth:  But WHO will I marry???
Me:  I don't know, but I bet she'll be pretty great
Seth: Oh, ok.

He is cracking me up!  Today he came into the kitchen and said, "Mom, when I'm a Dad, if my Wife has 74 kids, I will have to take care of all of them."  I replied, "yes, you will".  Jeremy quickly jumped in and said, "74 kids is a lot!".  Seth then said, "I'll have as many as Uncle Chip then (he has 8).".  He wants lots of kids, so he can play with them all day.  The boy never ceases to make me laugh!

Oh, and what's a day without some baby love?  Here is Miss Libby yesterday, she is just SO stinking CUTE!

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