Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get your votes in!

When I was pregnant with Emma, I gave birth at 37 weeks 3 days...that is today.  I'm having contractions, but nothing regular, nothing that is doing anything other than getting my body ready to birth this sweet new babe.

So...if you're going to guess...I suggest you do it soon!

I started knitting a new sweater for the baby yesterday.  I love this design, it is perfect.  I realize that I probably won't be able to get the whole thing done before s/he makes the grand appearance, but I want to get as much of it done as possible.

Speaking of sweaters...I have such bad placenta brain and I completely FORGOT to show you the beautiful sweater that Miss Val made for the baby!!!  It's the Baby Surprise Jacket, and it truly surprised me! :)  Thanks again Val!

Oh and I finally got a picture of A in her Wallaby.  It was cold on Monday, so both the kids wore their sweaters, and didn't fight me about it!  Imagine that! ;) - Yarn: Peace Fleece Blueberry Borscht.  Love it!

I am on the heel flap of my first sock.  Hopefully I can get one done before the baby gets here.

Oh...and here are a couple pictures (taken by S) of my belly today - 37 weeks 3 days.

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