Saturday, August 9, 2008

So much better

After that terrible day, we've had a lot of good ones. I love those two hooligans, even if they do drive me batty :)

So, I'm in a bit of denial that I am as pregnant as I am. I realize that as of tomorrow, I am 34 weeks pregnant. I also realize that if this baby is like Emma, s/he will be here in 3 weeks and 3 days. Considering I've never gone to 40 weeks, this baby will likely be here within the next month. So, to say I have 6 weeks left, is being a bit generous...but I just can't believe I'm already almost done! I have lots to do before this kiddo gets here. I've made a list and it is on the refrigerator, and assignments have been made (J has a lot to do!). However, it all seems so far away. I think it's time to do some hypnobabies scripts to get me in touch with this babe and with my body.

I love to read Stephanie's blog, Adventures in Babywearing.  She is pregnant and due just days before I am.  She is planning her first homebirth, I am planning my 3rd, but we are both having our 4th baby.  She posted a playlist today for her birth, I am loving it!  I actually bought the Yael Naim c.d. today, and I am loving it.  I can see myself bellydancing to it while working this baby down.  What other music do you all love when you're in labor?

I am going to leave you now with a picture of my babes.  It has been really hot and muggy this week (and muggy in Utah is rare!).  So, what better way to cool off than a popcicle in the shade?

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