Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just a Quickie

Oh my goodness, I have so much to share, but I have a sleeping toddler on my lap, so I only have a minute.

We are moved, love our house and the hope of Spring!  We've even been able to play outside lately!  I'm sewing and doing (very little) knitting.  I'll have lots of pictures next time, promise!

I have a request though.  S loves Buzz Lightyear.  He borrowed his cousins Buzz and tried to put his legs of the legs broke off.  He was broken hearted.  So, I got on Ebay and found a brand new one for a very indecent price.  It is the little 5 inch Buzz that came out when the movie first came out in 1998.  He got it yesterday and Buzz has not left his side since.  Today he was playing with him and Buzz got hit against a wall and his leg broke off, again!  Poor kid.  I really don't want to buy another one for such an outrageous price, however that is what they have on Ebay.

So, do any of you dear readers have a Buzz that is no longer played with and can be parted with?  I will pay shipping and even something for the actual Buzz.  Please, Please, Please.  There is a sweet 3 year old boy who will be the happiest boy in the world if anyone has one they can part with.

Thanks friends.  Now, I promise, I will be back (hopefully) this week with pictures of our new house, my new sewing machine (!!!!), my pay it forward gift, and of course, my adorable children!!! :D

Oh, and guess what??  12 weeks, no more morning sickness!!!  It actually only lasted for about 10 weeks...same as S.  I'll bet this is another boy :)

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