Saturday, February 2, 2008

We Have a Winner! (and a deal!)

Drumroll please.....

After generating a random number here, I got number 83.  So, ladies, put your hands together for Jayedee!  She didn't specify which she wanted, sling or dress, so as soon as she lets me know, I'll be getting it made and in the mail to her!

Now, I feel bad that SO many of you were so excited about the slings and dresses.  So, I am offering this...a deal!  If you want a dress or a sling from me, I will make them for you and give you free shipping!

The dresses are $15, and the slings are $40.  You can tell me what colors you like and want, and I'll make you a beautiful sling or dress!  I don't have the option of showing you the fabric beforehand, because I don't have the financial resources to go out and buy a lot of fabric (man i wish I did!) to give you that choice :)  But, I always pick out cute and fun fabric, so you can rest assured.

If anyone is interested in this, please email me at kimborchert AT gmail DOT com.

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