Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weird Cravings

With E, I craved crab legs, no joke.  With S, I couldn't get enough BBQ Chicken and cornbread, with, I don't think I really craved anything, just salty stuff.  With this baby, I have been craving needing fried rice.  It is bad.  I attempted to make some today and it was SO salty and just not good.  I was the point of tears.  I packed up the kids (during A's nap time, this is how desperate I was) and headed to Panda Express.  I got there and told the girl I needed a large side order of fried rice.  She was very puzzled when I told her that was all, oh and 2 orders of spring rolls.

By far the weirdest pregnancy craving I've had...but luckily not the most expensive.  Of course, my father-in-law kept me happy with crab legs ;)

I had an ultrasound yesterday to see how pregnant I am.  Well, I was right, I'm a little over 6 weeks, which puts me due the end of September.  I could very easily have this baby on my Grandma's birthday, my Great-Grandma's birthday (I would love that, she was my favorite and E is named after her), my nieces birthday or my nephews birthday.  But, we'll see in September!

I've been a lot sick, not throwing up, but SO nauseated  everyday, it is terrible.  So, when I finally get feeling better, it's time to go to bed.  I haven't been knitting much.  I have 2 fingers and a thumb left on my second Minnesota Mitten, then I will be able to do the flaps.  I am hoping to get those done before tomorrow night so I can get help on the flaps at Knit Night.  But, we'll see.  It all depends on what these sweet babies let me do!

Hopefully I'll have pictures for you soon!

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