Friday, January 25, 2008


First, thank you all for your excitement and congratulations on this new baby!  We are thrilled and it is always nice to have others be thrilled with you! :D

Wow, I finished a sock today. I can't believe the sense of accomplishment I feel! Only one sock, yes. But, it really motivates me to get the second one done. I have only made 2 1/2 pairs of socks before, but I've never gotten SSS (second Sock Syndrome) because I get SO EXCITED!

Now, maybe part of my excitement is that I've been working on these socks for well over a year now. I have had to rip them out a few times and they always get put on the back burner. My dear sweet husband loves the University of Kansas. That is where he got his undergrad degree and where we met. We are both die hard Jayhawk fans. So, I wanted to make him some KU socks, crimson and blue. I couldn't find any crimson and blue self striping or verigated sock yarn though. I was a wee bit discouraged until I found some Jawoll sock yarn in crimson and blue. I bought 2 of each and wound them together to make a nice tweedy sock. I think you'll like the end result, I know I do :)


Now you can see why I'm so excited to get the second one done! J's birthday is February 24, so I am hoping (and will be knitting as fast as I can) to get these done for his birthday. He'll be pretty stoked!

Sometimes I knit something, think it's for me, and it tells me otherwise. I had this happen this week. A while ago, I made myself a Calorimetry. I really loved it. I made it with the first yarn I'd ever bought. I bought the yarn, made myself a hat, didn't like it and frogged it. The yarn has sat in my stash for about 4 years now. It is Rowan Plaid and I loved it. So, I made myself this wonderful headband.

A couple days after I got it finished, my friend Bea, came over and I showed it to her. Now, you have to know Bea, she is so cool. A really funky, fun girl. She gave herself a buzz this summer and still has super short hair. She and her family are moving to Manhattan this summer while her husband does his Post-Doc. at Columbia. She is going to fit right in in New York.

So, when she tried this on, I thought, WOW, that looks AMAZING on her. I am going to have to make her one. For about two weeks I wore my Calorimetry. I even took a photo of me in it.


Cute huh? But, it wasn't mine. Everytime I put it on, I thought, "This is not mine, it's Bea's". So, on Tuesday (it was about -10 degrees) after I dropped off S at school, I went over to Bea's work. I commented on how cold it was outside and told her I had something for her. I handed her the calorimetry and she squealed with delight! (she is NOT a squealer, she was really excited!). She told me that she'd been trying to figure out how to get one of these from me and that she'd been obsessing over it ever since she tried it on. See, it spoke to me, I listened and now it is in the possession of someone who really loves it.

Well, now my head was bare and cold. So, A and I went to my lys and got some yarn. Not just any yarn, but Misti Alpaca Chunky . I had a specific hat in mind and knew that this was going to be perfect. I cast on for this on Tuesday and was done on Wednesday afternoon (all that darn parenting getting in the way of my knitting). I then enlisted the help of my camera loving 3 year old, and had him take a photo of my great new hat. He took the top one, J took the bottom one. Don't you love that yarn? The color is PERFECT!



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