Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm rethinking my Clapotis. No, I'm still doing it, but the yarn I was using just wasn't speaking to me for the Clap. Oh and before I go any further, in response to Tina - I was going to just knit the outer most stitches every time in the Thunderstorm colorway. But, that is neither here nor there as I am not using that yarn anymore. Like I said, it didn't feel right in my hands for this project. so, I went to Yarn Today today and found the perfect yarn for my project. I typically steer away from Plymouth yarns. I don't know why, I've never had a bad experience with them...I just don't go straight to them, so I often forget they are even there. I was getting a bit frustrated (as were my children, the toys were losing their appeal after an hour of Mom searching!), and was about to just get my store credit (yes, I took back the Majestic fibers...I couldn't afford to keep that and get something else) when I saw it. The perfect yarn. It isn't a color I normally even would look at for myself, purple, but it just jumped off the shelf at me and said, "KNIT ME!". How could I refuse? I grabbed the only 3 skeins of it and had them order me 2 more! Look at this!

I am just beyond thrilled about this yarn, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Yipee!!!

This week marks my 1 year blogaversary! So....comment here and I will have the boy draw a name on Sunday and the lucky person will win something grand. If you knit it will be yarn, if you are a sewer, I will send you some great fabric. So, there is something for everyone!!! :D

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