Monday, May 7, 2007

May we please have a moment of silence. There has...

May we please have a moment of silence. There has been a great tragedy today. My first sock, the one I have loved since October, has fallen. This has been a very warm, trusty sock. I should not be as surprised as I am about this injury that has befallen upon my beloved. But, I am. I made this sock out of Cascade 220. Therefore, there were no reinforcements to the heel. I think that this beautiful sock tried really hard to make it, but just couldn't as it was worn day in and day out. May we all remember the lovely sock and mourn for it this day.

My only comfort comes from the words of my very wise almost 3 year old. "Mom, it's ok your sock will be fine!" Yes, in sock heaven, my sock will be fine.

Given the tragedy of the day, I will not be blogging about my current knitting or sewing projects today. I'll have to do it tomorrow. Oh, and I really need to finish my other pair of socks now.

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