Wednesday, February 7, 2007

I take back what I said yesterday, I guess I'm not...

I take back what I said yesterday, I guess I'm not slow, I just take my time ;) I was very honored that Margene actually read my blog and posted too! WOW! She reminded me that it is the process I love. I am loving the process so much right now. I have the back and left front side of A's sweater finished. I hope to have it done by my birthday party on the 17th. And, I have decided to do S's sweater in a dark charcoal gray with a dark blue heathered yarn for the edging and sleeves.

I got some birthday money today from my in-laws. I'm going shopping!!!! When I was pregnant with A, I started this dress. I was going to make it in an off white with soft pink flowers and sage green stems. I did the front and started on the back only to find out that my gauge had changed and the back was turning out bigger than the front! So, my very pregnant, very frustrated self said "that dress is dead to me" and stuffed it in a corner. After A was born, I wanted to finish the dress and let her wear it as a shirt. Well, she was WAY TOO BIG and so I just frogged it. Now, I am making it (the same colors as the pattern) for her 1st birthday. Now that I have my birthday money, I can buy the yarn!!! YIPEE!!!!!!!!! So, I am going to order it and Nicole and I are going to have an Anouk knit along! I am SO excited!

I am also going to get myself some stitch holders (my dpns just aren't cutting it) and...well, I am going to Soul Spun Yarn tonight for if anything else catches my eye...Stay tuned for pictures...I think I may be going on a yarn spree!

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