Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sweetest Thing

It really is the sweetest thing when I have my baby girl sleeping on my chest in the sling. She was just so tired and didn't want to nurse. I put her in the sling and now she is peacefully asleep. She really is my easiest baby yet. I guess maybe it gets easier with practice :)

Jeremy got a phone call today from Zimmer. If you remember, they gave him a phone interview in September, then the position was canceled. Well, they are considering him for a different, better job now. He has his phone interview next Thursday. Please cross your fingers and toes and say lots of prayers for us! He also has applied for a position with a company in Logan, UT. I would love it there, it is where his folks are from and where I went to college. There is another job he is being considered for in Salt Lake also. So, hopefully something will come from those. Our birthday's are next month, it would be a great gift for both of us if he got a job.

Now it's time to go back to being a Mom...I have to make dinner.

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