Saturday, December 9, 2006

I need more time!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I need more t...

I need more time!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I need more time for knitting! Why am I sitting at the computer?? Ugh. I am making a hat, then I need to do a bag and a pair of Fetching gloves. I really want to knit a sweater for A for Christmas. Her Christmas dress is short is freaking cold here! I just need more time! Why didn't I think of this in, say, SEPTEMBER?!?!? Ugh.

On the bright side, I have 2.75 of the 3 hats I need to make done. I've also cast on and almost finished the bottom of the final button bag I am making. I have some pictures to share with you also.

This is the tale of a sweater...

Once upon a time, there was a boy. This boy went to Ecuador for 2 years and brought back a sweater as one of his momentos. This boy didn't love the sweater...this sweater sat in a box for 7 long years.
This boy got married...he married a knitter. His lovely wife convinced him to get that sweater and let her "look" at it. Here is what happened...

She decided that something MUST be done with this about Leg Warmers?

Perhaps a Poncho??

Oh no, how about 8 balls of lovely yarn and 2 sleeves that we will make into wall hangings???

Oh yes!!! This boy is very lucky to have a knitter as a wife. She saw something, something that sat in a box not being loved. She will now make it into a hat and a scarf to keep him warm on those chilly mornings as he goes to work. The sweater that he got as a momento will now keep him warm and he will feel the love...not just of Ecuador, but the love of his darling wife. ;)

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