Sunday, November 12, 2006


In our church the children aged 3-12 are in Primary. This is a Sunday School type class, but they also meet all together for a meeting and have singing time. Once a year the Primary does a program for the congregation. Today was the Primary Program at church. I was sitting in the Mother's room listening and nursing Amelia. Well, the first children to speak their parts were the Sunbeams, age 3. It hit me that it was Emma's class. That today would have been her first Primary Program. I remember sitting watching all of my nieces and nephews and just beaming as they said their parts and sang their songs. Today, I was once again, reminded of what I am missing out on.
These milestones hit and they hurt. I don't expect them, they just come from no where. She'd be turning 4 next month. I can not believe that. In 1 month and 3 days, she would have been 4. What a different little girl she'd be from the one I know.
I miss my girl. She'd be so big now...

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