Sunday, October 1, 2006


So, I've decided to start a blog just for my knitting adventures. This way people who want to know about our family don't get bored with my knitting. Not that I think anyone would get bored with knitting (hello, how could you??), but just in case.

So, a few things I never thought I'd hear come out of my mouth...
"Seth, get OFF your Sister!"
"No Seth, you do not have milkers, please stop trying to nurse your sister."
"Get your hands out of Amelia's pants, Seth! Your toys are not in there!"

Oh the joys of my son! He really does love his sister..sometimes just a little too much. My friend Nicole put it perfect when she said about her daughters, "Aurora will love Eve to death...literally". This is what will happen here.

Oh, and can I say how much I love Amelia? She was asleep and I woke her up to change her diaper and put on her pajamas. She was just so happy, so I laid her on the floor on her play gym. She was playing and giggling...I just looked over and she is sound asleep. She is such an easy baby!!!

I will be posting new pictures of the hooligans on our website tomorrow (hopefully). If you don't have the password and want it, send me a quick email. They are getting big!!

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