Friday, September 15, 2006


I love fall. I love the beautiful change of colors in the trees, the wonderful respite from the scorching summer heat; I love fall. I don't love winter though. I detest winter. I wish that it could be fall and spring year round.
Today it has been cool. I got to break out some of Emma's clothes for Amelia to wear. Today she is wearing a sweatsuit that Emma wore ALL THE TIME. I love to see her in it. It barely fits her though. She is really such a big girl :) All that Mama Milk!
I am ready for cool days where we can go to the park and walk with my babies. I love it!!! Hooray for fall!

Jeremy had an interview with Biomet today. It went really well. He said that they were trying to get through everyone as fast as they could so they could get this hiring done. He should know something by the end of next week. Jeremy really wants this job. I mean really. He has researched the company and feels pretty confident that he is a good fit for this company. We still haven't heard back from Aesculap (sp?) in Pennsylvania and are waiting for another week to hear from Zimmer. They are checking budgets to see who all they can fly out for interviews.

We are continuing to pray that something will come up soon. We are very blessed to have so many family and friends so willing to help us.

All in all, life is good. My kids are healthy, Seth is funny as ever, it's not so hot outside anymore and I have yarn. Life is good.

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